Which Is Better Melbourne Or Gold Coast?

Which is better Brisbane or Melbourne?

Brisbane is better for beach lovers but Melbourne has the best over all culture in Australia.

There is always something to see and do in Melbourne.

In other words if you don’t mind culture in the rain then Melbourne is for you but if you like beaches in the sun then Brisbane might be more your go..

Famous for its beaches, surf, theme parks, shopping, nightlife and hinterland, it has been attracting Australian families for many decades. … The region has 70 kilometres of uninterrupted coastline and is fringed by rainforest hinterland, including world heritage-listed national parks.

What are the worst suburbs in Gold Coast?

The worst suburbs for malicious damage claims from 2014-2016 are:Toowoomba.Fortitude Valley.Cairns.Caboolture.Surfers Paradise.Maroochydore.Nerang.Rockhampton.More items…

Is the Gold Coast trashy?

The latest Australian edition of the Lonely Planet guidebook has panned the Glitter Strip for the same old flaws it has been accused of for decades. “Brash, trashy, hedonistic, over-hyped, the Gold Coast is all of these things,” the book says. “Surfers prefer elsewhere, and paradise has been tragically lost.

Is it better to stay in Brisbane or Gold Coast?

Gold Coast is more for holidays – beaches, theme parks, rainforest, but does have a huge residential component set a little inland from the beaches. Chalk and cheese really … Brisbane is a substantial city with lots of very pleasant neighbourhoods, but it suffers from the usual traffic congestion and so on.

Is the Gold Coast near Melbourne?

The distance between Melbourne and Gold Coast is 1346 km. The road distance is 1684.4 km.

Is Gold Coast worth visiting?

As the best way to see the true beauty of the Gold Coast, the 360 degree views make the climb truly worth it. The swells of the ocean against the coast, the lush hinterland and even views from Brisbane to Byron Bay are all yours to take in.

Where should I not live on the Gold Coast?

As others have posted avoid Southport, Labrador, Nerang, Molendinar and Palmy. As for suburbs to stay in… Parkwood, Arundel, Pacific Pines, Coomera, Ashmore, Benowa, Bundall which are all on the northern part of the Gold Coast. Southport, Labrador, Nerang, Molendinar and Palmy.

Is Brisbane full of Bogans?

Brisbane has “Logan bogans”. And in Melbourne, the western suburb of Sunshine is colloquially referred to as “Scumshine”. These areas are commonly characterised as problem places, inhabited by “problem people”.

Is Sunshine Coast better than Gold Coast?

Gold Coast is the tourist attraction area of South Queensland. It has all the theme parks and tourist beaches. Sunshine coast is more rural and peaceful. I feel that sunshine coast has better beaches, but it’s up to you.

Is Gold Coast expensive?

The Gold Coast can be very expensive. Here are ways to cut down your costs when visiting the Gold Coast: Free transport – Some hostels provide free transport to and from the airport.

What is Brisbane best known for?

Brisbane, the state of Queensland’s capital, is known for its youthful zeal, charming vibe and 280 days of sun a year. Australia’s third most populated city after more well-known Sydney and Melbourne, Brisbane is actually Australia’s fastest growing and most diverse destination.

What is the most dangerous suburb in Gold Coast?

PimpamaPimpama The Gold Coast’s Deadliest Suburb | Triple M.

How many days in Gold Coast is enough?

three daysWith three days on the Gold Coast, there’s plenty of time to hit the beach. While Surfers Paradise and Main Beach draw the biggest crowds, Broadbeach, Burleigh Heads, and Coolangatta are all local favorites.

Is Brisbane expensive to live?

In the Brisbane city, you’ll probably be spending $565 per week for a room in a share house (usually living with professionals and other students), $359 per week for a serviced apartment, or $620 per week for a one-bedroom unit all to yourself.