What Inadvertently Means?

What is the synonym for inadvertent?

inadvertent(a.) Synonyms: inattentive, thoughtless, careless, heedless, inconsiderate, unobservant, negligent..

What is the opposite of inadvertently?

Definition: with full knowledge and deliberation. Antonyms: advertently, mindfully, heedfully. Definition: in a careful deliberate manner.

What does pugilist mean?

noun. a person who fights with the fists; a boxer, usually a professional.

What does heedlessly mean?

Marked by or paying little heed; unmindful or thoughtless. See Synonyms at careless.

What is the opposite of polite?

Polite means showing regards for others in manners, speech, and behavior. … The adjective polite comes from the mid-13th century Latin politus, which means “refined” or “elegant.” Showing consideration for others, using tact, and observing social norms are the qualities of being polite. The opposite of polite is rude.

What is inadvertent negligence?

In the event of an unintentional tort, the person who caused the accident did so inadvertently and typically because they were not being careful. The person who caused the accident is considered negligent because they failed to exercise the same degree of care that a reasonable person would have in the same situation.

What is unintentional error?

Understanding ‘unintentional errors’ A slip or lapse occurs when the action conducted is not what was intended. It is an error of execution. In contrast, a mistake occurs when the action proceeds as planned but fails to achieve its intended outcome because the planned action was wrong.

What means duress?

Duress is defined as making someone do something against his will, or making someone perform an illegal act, by using threats, coercion or other illicit means. An example of duress is when you torture a prisoner until he confesses.

What does deliberately mean?

The adverb deliberately originates from the Latin word deliberatus, meaning “resolved upon, determined.” Used to describe an action made intentionally, it can also mean doing something in a careful, thoughtful manner.

What does dilapidated mean?

adjective. reduced to or fallen into partial ruin or decay, as from age, wear, or neglect.

What does inadvertence mean?

noun. lack of attention; heedlessness. an instance or an effect of being inadvertent; oversight; slip.

What is inadvertent behavior?

1. Marked by or resulting from carelessness; negligent: an inadvertent error; an inadvertent omission. 2. Not deliberate or considered; unintentional: an inadvertent remark; inadvertent humor. See Synonyms at careless.

What does inadvertent mean in law?

The absence of attention or care; the failure of an individual to carefully and prudently observe the progress of a court proceeding that might have an effect upon his or her rights.

What is the definition of unwittingly?

adjective. inadvertent; unintentional; accidental: His insult, though unwitting, pained her. not knowing; unaware; ignorant; oblivious; unconscious: an unwitting person.