Quick Answer: Who Is Jon Venus?

Is Jon Venus still vegan?

Bodybuilder Jon Venus has been branded an ‘airhead’ following his announcement that he is no longer vegan.

He shared the news in a video released on YouTube earlier this week, titled I am no longer vegan.

Since then, a number of vegan advocated – including his brother Dr..

Why is Jon Venus no longer vegan?

A leading doctor has suggested that bodybuilder Jon Venus ditched veganism because doing so may have opened the door to more business opportunities. Venus revealed that he ditched his plant-based diet in a video released on YouTube last, titled I am not longer vegan.

Where does Jon Venus live?

Jon, who is half Brazilian, half Norwegian and currently lives in Barcelona, Spain, insists plant-based protein is better than whey when it comes to hitting the gym – and he’s got the muscles to prove it.

How many followers did Jon Venus lose?

500 subscribersTo be honest, the backlash of the Jon Venus video was pretty big. In the first day he lost over 500 subscribers. In total there are over 2.000 dislikes on that video, that’s a like to dislike ratio of 1:1. The backlash was so BIG that Jon put the video down for a moment.

How tall is Jon Venus?

6’1Jon is 6’1.