Quick Answer: Is Gold Coast And Brisbane The Same?

How far is the Gold Coast from Brisbane?

71 kmThe distance between Gold Coast and Brisbane is 71 km.

The road distance is 78.3 km..

Is Australia hotter than America?

According to satellites Australia is hotter than California ever has been. According to people holding thermometers California is hotter than Australia ever has been.

How many days in Brisbane is enough?

If you only want to see the city highlights, then 2-3 days is fine. But if you want to see all of Brisbane and take day trips to surrounding destinations then you could very well need 5-7 days, if not longer. To help you decide how long to spend in Brisbane, consider the following destinations.

How much is a train ticket from Brisbane to Gold Coast?

The trip time for the train from Brisbane city to Surfers Paradise/Broadbeach/Main Beach/Southport is approx 1 HR and 49 MIN. Est. cost $15.20 (cheaper with a go card)

How much does it cost from Brisbane to Gold Coast?

The cheapest way to get from Brisbane to Gold Coast is to drive which costs $9 – $14 and takes 53 min. What is the fastest way to get from Brisbane to Gold Coast? The quickest way to get from Brisbane to Gold Coast is to taxi which costs $190 – $230 and takes 53 min.

Can I travel from Brisbane to Gold Coast?

Airtrain connects passengers from the Brisbane Airport to the City in 20 minutes, and travels express to the Gold Coast. … If you require an airport transfer direct to your Gold Coast accommodation or address consider Airtrain’s Train and Transfer (Airtrain Connect) – their premium door to door service.

How many hours drive from Brisbane to Gold Coast?

How long is the drive from Gold Coast, Australia to Brisbane, Australia? The total driving time is 1 hour, 13 minutes.

What’s better Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast?

Gold Coast is the tourist attraction area of South Queensland. It has all the theme parks and tourist beaches. Sunshine coast is more rural and peaceful. I feel that sunshine coast has better beaches, but it’s up to you.

Is Gold Coast expensive?

Cost of living index in Gold Coast is 21.16% lower than in New York. Rent in Gold Coast is, on average, 64.08% lower than in New York. Cost of living rank 83th out of 551 cities in the world. Gold Coast has a cost of living index of 78.84.

What is the best month to visit Gold Coast?

Best Time to Visit Gold CoastDecember – February: This is the Australian summer and the best time to enjoy the sun, sand and surf. … March – May: Since Gold Coast is a year round destination, the beaches and theme parks can also be enjoyed in the pleasant autumn months from March to May.More items…

What is the best suburb in Queensland?

Top 10 performing suburbs in Queensland.Blackwater.Spring Mountain.Collinsville.Minyama.Hamilton.Hollywell.Miles.Mount Coolum.More items…•

How much is train from Brisbane Airport to Gold Coast?

How do I travel from Brisbane Airport (BNE) to Gold Coast without a car? The best way to get from Brisbane Airport (BNE) to Gold Coast without a car is to train and tram which takes 2h 7m and costs $31 – $36.

How much is Airtrain from Brisbane to Gold Coast?

Airtrain is the fast and economical way to travel with tickets starting at just $10*. In 20 minutes you will travel directly from Brisbane Airport to the heart of Brisbane’s CBD.

Which is better Gold Coast or Brisbane?

Gold Coast is more for holidays – beaches, theme parks, rainforest, but does have a huge residential component set a little inland from the beaches. Chalk and cheese really … Brisbane is a substantial city with lots of very pleasant neighbourhoods, but it suffers from the usual traffic congestion and so on.

What’s the coldest month Gold Coast?

JulyWhat is the coldest month in Gold Coast? The coldest month in Gold Coast is July, with an average high-temperature of 21.1°C (70°F) and an average low-temperature of 12°C (53.6°F).

Is Gold Coast GOOD TO LIVE?

The affordability Compared to living in a capital city, the Gold Coast can be an extremely affordable city to live in. Accommodation rates are generally lower than in capital cities, with rooms in a share house starting from as low as $135 per week in great areas such as Southport and Surfers Paradise.

Is there a train from Brisbane Airport to Gold Coast?

Airtrain services travel between Brisbane Airport to the Gold Coast every 15 minutes during the peak (and 30 minutes during the off-peak), making Airtrain the frequent and easy airport transfer.