Question: Will I Get Updates After Unlocking Bootloader Xiaomi?

How do you lock an unlocked bootloader?

Part 2 of 2: Locking the BootloaderConnect your Android to the computer with a USB cable.

Press ⊞ Win + S .

Type cmd .

Right-click “Command prompt” and select Run as administrator.

Click Yes to confirm.

Type adb reboot bootloader and press ↵ Enter .

Type fastboot oem lock and press ↵ Enter .More items…•.

How do I know if my bootloader is unlocked xiaomi?

So, to check if you’ve got locked or unlocked bootloader on your Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 device, follow these simple steps:Go to “Settings”;Then “About”;Tap five times on kernel versions;In a popup list tap on the first line;Scroll down and look for “fastboot lock state”;More items…•

What is OEM unlock?

The Option OEM-Unlock (available since Android. 5.0. “Lollipop”) is a checkbox in the developer options. It is used as a security feature against the unauthorized unlock of the bootloader of the device.

Will I get OTA updates if bootloader is unlocked?

Yes you can update Stable AND Beta OOS via OTA while Rooted and also with an Unlocked Bootloader. The only thing you have to do after the OTA completes is re-Root (if you were Rooted that is). Your Bootloader should remain unlocked, if not just unlock it again.

How can I root my phone after unlocking bootloader?

Unlocking the bootloader does NOT give you root access to the phone. You need to either root your stock image, or since your bootloader is unlocked, you can flash a pre-rooted custom ROM. You can also flash a custom recovery via fastboot, and use that to install a custom ROM.

Can we root without unlocking bootloader?

How To Root Without Unlocking Bootloader. Download and install the kingroot . … Once installed, open Kingroot app and press the “Start root” button to begin the rooting process. During the process you might repeated warnings by Google to check device activity, DECLINE it like you previously did in Step 1.

What to do after unlocking the bootloader?

You can flash custom recovery, new ROM, root and do lots of other stuff. In other words you will be the real owner of the phone after unlocking bootloader. If you have some understanding about smartphones and OS only then you should do it.

How do you tell if your bootloader is unlocked?

Choose Service info > Configuration and if you see a message saying Bootloader unlock with a ‘Yes’ written against it, it means that the bootloader is unlocked. If you fail to get the bootloader status from your Android device, then you can do so by PC.

Can I flash fastboot ROM with locked bootloader?

NOTE: You can use any (China/Global:Beta/Stable) Fastboot Rom when your bootloader is unlocked. On device go to bootloader/fastboot mode (press the Power button and Volume – button at the same time to enter bootloader mode). … If you select ‘Clean all and lock’ then your bootloader will be locked again.

What happens when you unlock OEM?

A device with a locked bootloader will only boot the operating system currently on it. You can’t install a custom operating system – the bootloader will refuse to load it. If your device’s bootloader is unlocked, you will see an unlocked padlock icon on the screen during the start of the boot process.

Does unlocking bootloader wipe data?

Yes, in almost all of the devices unlocking bootloader erase data! Nothing to worry about just take all backup of all the photos, video, documents and ofher files in Somewhere then you’re bgood to go!

Does unlocking bootloader void warranty xiaomi?

“Unlocking of the bootloader is made available to make sure that MIUI developer ROMs can be tested by users and will be covered under warranty. … According to the statement, bootloader unlock is made available for users to try MIUI developer ROMs. And thus, it will not void the warranty of any Xiaomi or Redmi smartphone.

Can I unlock my bootloader?

Whether you’re allowed to unlock your bootloader depends on the manufacturer of your phone, the model you have, and even your carrier. Nexus phones are all unlockable by nature, and many phones from Motorola and HTC allow you to unlock your bootloader through a similar process as the Nexus.

Can I get official updates after rooting?

Yes, the phone will receive the latest android updates after rooting, however since for rooting you will have to install some custom recovery over stock recovery hence you will receive an error message while installing the update. So to sum it up all, you will not be able to update the phone once rooted.

Should I Unlock OEM on or off?

OEM unlock means to unlock the bootloader of the device. Bootloader needs to be unlocked if u want to root your Android device or to install a custom recovery. Unlocking the bootloader wipes all the data on the phone. It performs the factory reset of the device and wipes the internal storage too.