Question: Who Lives At No 7 Coronation Street?

What happens to Yasmeen on Corrie?

Coronation Street has revealed what’s to come for Yasmeen Metcalfe after she suffers a heart attack.

As we’ve previously revealed, Yasmeen (Shelley King) collapses in the prison visiting room later this week and has to be rushed to hospital, throwing the first day of her trial into chaos..

Who Lives at which house in Coronation Street?

1 Coronation Street is the leftmost terraced house and is adjacent to the Rovers. Albert Tatlock lived there from 1918 until his death in 1984, and the house is currently the home of Ken, Peter, Simon and their dog Eccles.

Who owns underworld in Coronation Street?

Mike BaldwinUnderworld is the local textiles factory at 14 Coronation Street that was owned by Aidan Connor until his sudden death. The factory produces lingerie for women. Mike Baldwin bought the premises in 1997, named it Underworld, and went into partnership with Angie Freeman to manufacture lingerie.

Who lives in number 3 Corrie?

The current owner is Norris Cole, who had lived there as a lodger since 2000, but Emily signed the house over to him in 2013 (on a condition she lived rent free). Norris found himself living alone at the house at the beginning of 2016 after Emily departed for Peru to see her nephew Spider Nugent.

What happened in Coronation Street in 1994?

Coronation Street – the whole story – 1994. After spending New Year together, Liz and Jim decide that they will slowly reconcile themselves, but are overtaken by events when Richard Willmore finds Jim helping out at the Queens and issues an ultimatum – decide between Jim or the pub.

Who died in a freezer in Coronation Street?

Anne Malone’sAnne Malone’s death in the Frescho Freezer was my top favourite grisly death in Coronation Street. You can read my top 10 favourite grisly deaths here.

Who lives at No 9 Coronation Street?

Tyrone DobbsNo. 9 is currently home to Tyrone Dobbs, his daughter Ruby Dobbs, Fiz Stape and her daughter Hope Stape. Tyrone had been Jack and Vera Duckworth’s lodger when they owned the house.

How did Judy Mallett died in Coronation Street?

pulmonary embolismOn 25 December 1998, she gives birth to Rebecca and William Mallett. Nine months later, Judy collapses in the backyard and dies after suffering a pulmonary embolism caused by injuries sustained in a road accident caused by Terry Duckworth (Nigel Pivaro).

Who lives at No 6 Coronation Street?

6 Coronation Street is the middle house of the new terraces in Coronation Street, located between the 4 and 8 Coronation Street, currently occupied by Geoff and Yasmeen Metcalfe.

Is Coronation Street real houses?

The current set, brought into use in 2013, is based at the ITV Trafford Wharf Studios backlot, MediaCityUK in Trafford. As of 2020, it consists of early 20th-century terraced houses, with a public house, The Rovers Return, at one end, and a corner shop at the other.

What happened to Josie in Corrie?

Don and Ivy finally separated and Ivy left Don for a Catholic retreat in July 1994. … Josie left Don when he became obsessed with getting revenge on Mike. In March 1997 he set fire to Mike’s factory. He even kidnapped Alma Baldwin and drove his taxi into the canal with her inside, but they were both rescued and survived.