Question: What Is The Shortest World In Wizard101?

Is wizard101 dead?

To wrap up the entire post is Wizard101 dead.

I would say for the most part yes.

Old players will continue to return when new content is released, but the amount of players the game once had will never compare to what they had years ago..

Is wizard101 a virus?

Wizard101 DOES NOT have Malware. … In general as long as you download Wizard101 directly from the official Wizard101 Website ( ), it will not contain any viruses or other malware. You can run virus scans to ensure this yourself as well.

Can you beat wizard101 without paying?

Wizard101 has a free to play area that you’re invited to enjoy for as long as you want, however every school has a tuition. If players wish to explore beyond Triton Avenue, they will need to purchase time in the game with a Membership, or areas in the game with crowns.

What is the longest wizard101 world?

KhrysalisGreetings Edward! Statistically, Khrysalis (world after Azteca) is currently the longest world within the entire spiral with over 100 quests to do. This is because it was the first world to be separated within two sections, with each section being released in separate updates.

Will wizard101 ever shut down?

The Original makers who made the game sold it to a new weird company. From a game having over 30 million players to the game shutting down is sad. The game was called Combat Arms. Yes the game is still up to day but, no one really plays and that’s why I said it was “shut down” in a way.

Is wizard101 fun for adults?

Re: Wizard 101 for adults KingsIsle Entertainment has developed Wizard101 to be an exciting and fun online experience for people of all ages. An important part of that is providing a safe environment for our young players, and that’s a responsibility we take seriously.

What’s the max level in wizard101?

Level 130As of August 2020, players can achieve a maximum of Level 130. The game holds a rating of E10+ from the Entertainment Software Rating Board for crude humor and mild fantasy violence.

What is the longest world in wizard101?

KhrysalisKhrysalis is literally the longest and has the most areas of any world, each taking 1-3 hours. Azteca feels the longest.

What world is after Celestia in wizard101?

ZafariaAfter Celestia is Zafaria, Then Avalon, last is Azteca.

Is wizard101 pay to win?

Instead of selling new spells, housing items, and clothes for what it cost to make them, they instead ask you to spend money for the chance to win them knowing that you will most likely get junk(anything you didn’t want). That is not pay to win, that’s pay for a chance to win.

Is wizard101 Dead 2020?


How many worlds are there in wizard101?

Wizard City, Krokotopia, Marleybone, Mooshu, Dragonspyre, Celestia, Zafaria, Avalon, Azteca, Khrysalis. The side worlds are Grizzleheim and Wysteria.

How long is Mirage wizard101?

In total it took me and my questing partner about 10-11 hours to finish the entire thing. Compared to the 4 -5 hours it took to complete Polaris, Mirage certainly has a lot more content.

Can you beat wizard101 solo?

You can solo pretty much the whole game except for really difficult bosses and some dungeons with most schools. I don’t think it would be too bad to solo with a damage school, but you will have a much easier time with ice or death. However I wouldn’t pick your school based on its ability to solo.

How many hours of gameplay is wizard101?

In terms of actual playtime, it takes about 30 days to complete all the worlds. That’s if you were capable of playing 24/7 for a whole month. At 4 hours a day, you can probably get through all the worlds up to somewhere in Avalon.