Question: What Is The Opposite Of Surveillance?

What is the opposite meaning of detected?

Opposite of to discover something either by chance or intention.





What is the opposite of the defense?

Defense is the opposite of offense. … In sports, defense is supposed to stop the other team from scoring.

What is the verb for surveillance?

transitive verb. : to subject to surveillance.

What means detected?

The verb detect means to discover or observe the existence of something. The verb detect comes from the Latin word detegere, which literally means “to uncover” — or more figuratively, to discover. … You may detect the presence of a new dog in your house if you note a water bowl, chew toys, and grooming tools.

What is a sentence for detect?

Examples of detect in a Sentence The test is used to detect the presence of alcohol in the blood. This type of cancer is difficult to detect in its early stages. These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word ‘detect.

What is the difference between defend and defense?

As verbs the difference between defence and defend is that defence is (obsolete|transitive) to furnish with defences; to fortify while defend is (obsolete) to ward off, repel (an attack or attacker).

What’s another word for surveillance?

What is another word for surveillance?observationsupervisionwatchscrutinysuperintendencecareinspectionspyingbuggingcharge235 more rows

What is the meaning of surveillance?

noun. a watch kept over a person, group, etc., especially over a suspect, prisoner, or the like: The suspects were under police surveillance. continuous observation of a place, person, group, or ongoing activity in order to gather information: video cameras used for covert surveillance. See also electronic surveillance …

What are synonyms in English?

Which Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for which?whomof whichof whomthatto whichto whomwhose

What is the difference between Offence and offense?

The difference is that offense is the standard spelling in the United States, while offence is standard in other English-speaking countries: The team had troubles with their offense because they key player was injured.

What is another word for self defense?

What is another word for self-defense?defenceUKdefenseUSresistanceself-preservationself-protectionsurvivalsurvival instinctpreservation instinct