Question: What Does The Spy Do In Flicker?

What are the roles in Roblox flicker?

There are 5 possible roles that a player can have; a survivor, the detective, the psychic, the medic… or the murderer.

Each night, the medic can protect someone from harm, the psychic can learn the role of any player, and the murderer can pick their next victim..

What does blocking do in flicker Roblox?

The witch can BLOCK someone’s power each night, preventing them from using it! The witch is ineffective against the murderer. If the witch blocks the assassin, the assassin will get another chance to kill. [SCOUT] The scout is the weakest evil team role.

What does the psychic do in flicker Roblox?

Psychic is one of the 5 roles in Flicker. The psychic’s goal is to figure out who the murderer is. They select one person each night and when the night ends, it’ll notify the psychic if they are the good or not. For example, if they read Jojo, it’d either say Jojo is Innocent. or Jojo is Murderer.

Is Kai in flicker a girl?

Information. Kai is one of the female LGBTQ+ characters that appear in the game Flicker in Regular Mode. She can be played when selecting Female, LGBTQ+ or Random.

Is there a clown role in flicker?

Information. The Clown is an upcoming role in the game Flicker. The clown’s goal is to get voted out, not killed. Once the clown gets voted out, they can drag someone down with them.

What does the muffin in flicker do?

Muffin Man Give a player a muffin each round. Vote out suspicious players that could potentially be the murderer.

How do you drop notes on flicker?

Uses. You’re required to write something down on the note, then submit it, and click on a player to give it to. 1/5 notes that you send may drop.

What does Witch do in flicker?

Witch is a role that appears in the game Flicker. The Witch’s goal is to block one player’s (excluding the murderer’s) ability per night.

What are the roles of flicker?

Roles are the main function that are played by a player. Each role has a utility and behavior. The roles existed since the First Flicker Version (also known as OG). In the new update, the roles are separated into Teams; The Good Team, the Evil Team, and the Neutral Team.