Question: Did Antrum Actually Kill?

Will I die if I watch antrum?

Antrum: The Deadliest Film Ever Made may not convince viewers that the film is cursed and they’re going to die after watching it (I haven’t… yet) but its commitment to the gimmick, its ethereal score, and its eerie imagery make for a creepy and effective throwback horror film..

Is antrum real?

The claims that Antrum is cursed have also migrated to other social media platforms, like Twitter, and have sent the movie’s popularity soaring on Amazon Prime. No, it’s not true, though. It’s fiction, with a clever gimmick designed to give it a documentary – and thus true – feel.

Who died watching antrum?

She suffered from a fatal seizure after a screening of Antrum. The next was Tom Stylum who died of electrocution. The last programmer, Joe Barringer, met his fate when he was stung by a stone fish. The deaths of the other four remain unknown.

What’s wrong with the movie antrum?

A number of people have died, or been seriously injured during or shortly after watching this film. As a result of these incidents Antrum disappeared, or was deliberately buried by people who were apprehensive about its continued screening.

What is the antrum curse?

Horror movie Antrum claims that 56 audience members were killed in a tragic accident in 1988 when a small movie theatre in Budapest Hungary burnt to the ground.

How does antrum end?

The Ending: An Imagined Hell Nathan ends up saving a dog from an animal trap, who he previously believed was the Cerberus. In the closing moments, he walks towards his sister’s tent with the trap, while she waits there with a pistol in her hand, assuming that the Cerberus is coming for her.

Is antrum actually cursed?

Antrum, a feature length film shot in the late 1970’s, is said to be cursed. In 1988, a movie theatre in Budapest that was screening the film burnt to the ground, killing the 56 people who were in attendance. … As one programmer observed of Antrum, “You don’t watch the film, the film watches you.”

Did antrum really kill anyone?

Antrum Is Allegedly Responsible For Nearly 60 Deaths As the story goes, people who see Antrum die shortly afterward. The most notable instance happened in 1988 in Budapest when it was being screened for the first time. The small theater the film was being shown at burned down, killing the 56 people inside.