Is It Allowed To Carry Alcohol In Delhi Metro?

Is raw meat allowed in Delhi Metro?

Firstly you are not allowed to eat anything in the Delhi Metro.

There are certain rules you have to follow to travel in metro.

DMRC prohibits the carrying of any body part inside the Train.

Therfore carrying and eating meat cooked or uncooked is not allowed..

How much liquor can I carry in Delhi?

Those who are coming into Delhi from another state in India can only carry 1 litre of any type of alcohol and any person coming from outside India can carry 2 litres of liquor.

How much alcohol can a person carry in India?

The government has decreed that you can purchase, possess or carry a maximum of eight bottles of liquor (and not the 12 you were allowed) if you are a valid permit-holder. And the maximum a bottle can hold is 750 millilitres.

How much liquor can I carry from Gurgaon to Delhi?

Citing Section 33 of the Excise Act 2009, officials said a person cannot bring more than 1 litre of liquor to Delhi from other states. The Delhi government has decided to penalise those bringing liquor above 1 litre into the capital from neighbouring cities such as Gurgaon, Sonepat and Faridabad.

Why is photography prohibited in Metro?

They won’t let you take photos even in non-rush hour when the platform / train is pretty much empty. Not allowing photography for security reasons is retarded.

Is carrying liquor allowed in Indian Railways?

Carrying liquor bottles in a train completely depends on the route that you are traveling in. For example. if you’re traveling within the same state, it is not illegal. … Different states have different rules and taxes for alcohol and so, it is not allowed to carry liquor purchased from one state, to another state.

What things are not allowed in Delhi Metro?

Don’tsDon’t bring eatables inside the station premises.Don’t bring pets inside.Don’t smoke.Don’t carry firearms.Don’t travel without your smart card or token.Don’t jump over the ticket barrier.Don’t share your card or token with another person on the same journey.Don’t cross the yellow line on the platform.More items…

Is Whisky allowed in Delhi Metro?

Things you cannot carry inside a Metro train: Sealed liquor bottles like whiskey, beer, etc. Banned spirits and inflammable liquids in all forms.

Is alcohol allowed in Delhi?

Home delivery of alcoholic beverages is illegal in Delhi. However, in Delhi home delivery of beer and wine by private vendors and departmental stores is permitted.

How much cash we can carry in Delhi Metro?

The cash amount of over Rs 2 lakh in one single transaction has been banned since 2017 by the government as part of a legal measure to check black money.

How can I get liquor Ecoupon in Delhi?

How to apply for liquor purchase e-token in Delhi? Open the official website – Click on Apply for Liquor Purchase Token link. Enter your name, phone number to get e-token through SMS. Take the e-token to the nearby shop to purchase liquor.

How much liquor can I carry from Haryana to Rajasthan?

Country Liquor : 3 Litre ( 4 Bottle per bottle 750 m.l. ) 2. IMFL : 6 Litre ( 8 Bottle per bottle 750 m.l. ) 3.

Do we get alcohol in Manali?

Because there are apple orchards all around Manali, it’s often possible to find apple cider. Besides this, there is alcohol available in bars, larger restaurants and the larger hotels. Lugdi and Chang are two locally made drinks you may want to try.

What if Metro token is lost?

A week after increasing the fine for tokenless travel from Rs 50 to Rs 500 to check the menace of missing tokens, the BMRCL has reduced the penalty to Rs 200. … It’s unreasonable to penalise metro passengers since they are not travelling without the ticket.

Is pepper spray allowed in Delhi Metro?

In the metro there are ladies-only compartments, so if you are carrying it only for the commute you may not have to carry it at all. You can carry pepper spray, deodorant or perfume, no problem at all.

How much time we can stay in Delhi Metro?

170 minutesThe maximum stay permissible in a Delhi Metro station is 170 minutes if entry/exit is from different stations. For entry/exit from the same station it is 20 minutes. In case of overstaying beyond permissible time, penalty of Rs. 10 per hour subject to a maximum of Rs.

Can we bring liquor from Goa in train?

Yes, one can carry a maximum of 2 litres of liquor while returning from Goa. Best is if one obtains a permit for it. Via flight: If purchased beforehand, the bottles go (carefully wrapped to prevent breakage) in the checked-in luggage.

Is Whisky allowed in train?

the railway police harass for carrying liquor in indian train. Possession of one or more bottle of liquors (below 1.5 ltr) is permissible but consumption is prohibited in train. …

How can I get alcohol in Delhi?

COVID-19 Lockdown: Here’s how you can get e-token to buy liquor in New DelhiOpen the website on your web browser.Now, click on the ‘Apply for Liquor Purchase Token’ option.Fill in the required details, which include your name, phone number, govt. … A time slot will be allotted once you click on apply.

Is liquor allowed in Mumbai Metro?

Mumbai Metro One to enforce ban, levy fines after two weeks. Mumbai Metro One has decided to enforce the ban on consumption of food and beverages in the train. The commuters will be allowed to drink only water, said officials. … “Consumption of eatables and beverages in metro trains is strictly prohibited.