Can A Person Be Scintillating?

What words make you sound smart?

10 Words to Make You Sound Wicked SmartYour Vocabulary Can Make You Sound Smart.

Why use a simple 25-cents word when you can use an impressive $20 word.


Elucidate [elu·ci·date] – to explain or make something clear.


Non sequitur.



Quid Pro Quo.

Scintillating.More items….

Is effervescent healthy?

Another reason why Effervescent tablets enhance nutrient absorption is that the effervescent solution sets the right pH in the stomach for absorption. The effervescence enhances the permeability of nutrients making sure the nutrients are easily absorbed in the intestines. In short, you get what you paid for!

What is the synonym of scintillating?

2’his scintillating closing speech’ SYNONYMS. brilliant, dazzling, exciting, exhilarating, stimulating, invigorating. vivacious, sparkling, coruscating, effervescent, lively, vibrant, animated, ebullient, bright. witty, clever.

What does Mesmerised mean?

having your attention fixatedAdj. 1. mesmerised – having your attention fixated as though by a spell. fascinated, hypnotised, hypnotized, mesmerized, spellbound, spell-bound, transfixed. enchanted – influenced as by charms or incantations.

What do you call a person who uses big words to sound smart?

Use the adjective sesquipedalian to describe a word that’s very long and multisyllabic. For example the word sesquipedalian is in fact sesquipedalian. Sesquipedalian can also be used to describe someone or something that overuses big words, like a philosophy professor or a chemistry textbook.

What does dazzling mean?

: brilliantly or showily bright, colorful, or impressive dazzling lights a dazzling display of talent a dazzling achievement/performance a dazzling smile.

What does scintillating story mean?

The definition of scintillating is something fascinating or brilliantly clever. Fast-paced, witty and clever dialogue on a favored TV show is an example of something that would be described as scintillating.

What is another word for flattering?

What is another word for flattering?complimentaryfawningingratiatingsugaryadmiringapplaudingappreciativecommendingfavorableUSfavourableUK150 more rows

How do you write a scintillating story?

9 steps for writing a scintillating video scriptOutline your goals.Craft your story outline.Build out the story.Cinch your closer.Pretend you’re the viewer.Be mindful of tone.Cut, revise, and cut some more.Read it out loud.More items…•

What word takes 3 hours to say?

The longest word in English has 189,819 letters and would take you three and a half hours to pronounce correctly.

What is the hardest word to say?

The Most Difficult English Word To PronounceRural.Otorhinolaryngologist.Colonel.Penguin.Sixth.Isthmus.Anemone.Squirrel.More items…•

How do you use scintillating in a sentence?

Scintillating sentence examplesMaybe some scintillating conversation would break the ice. … Choosing either a Newbery book or an honor book will guarantee a scintillating story. … Hmmm, must make for scintillating pillow talk. … Along the way, you’ll get to enjoy fine wine, scintillating conversation with people from around the world and gourmet cuisine.More items…

What is an effervescent personality?

Meaning of the word ‘effervescence’ A person full of life and movement is often described as having an ‘effervescent’ personality. Excitement, liveliness. Someone with an effervescent personality is lively, sparkling and high-spirited.

Can a person be effervescent?

Something effervescent has bubbles or froth, like a sparkling cider or a bubble bath. If you have a happy, light, cheerful personality — if you are “bubbly” — you too are effervescent. Remember, someone with an effervescent personality is just bubbly, not full of gas! …

What is the purpose of effervescent tablets?

In water, soda, and fruit juices, effervescent tablets produce a pleasant tasting solution. This is due to organic fruit acids contained in the tablets. In conventional solid tablets, compounds dissolve slowly in the stomach, which frequently delays or reduces absorption.

What is another word for prudent?

Some common synonyms of prudent are judicious, sage, sane, sapient, sensible, and wise.

What is a witty?

1 : marked by or full of clever humor or wit : smartly facetious or jocular a witty novel. 2 : quick or ready to see or express illuminating or amusing relationships or insights a witty raconteur.

What is the meaning of the word scintillating?

adjective. animated; vivacious; effervescent: a scintillating personality. witty; brilliantly clever: a scintillating conversationalist; a play full of scintillating dialogue.