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Attention Horse Product Manufacturers:  To have your product reviewed please send a sample to One Horse Press @ 70883 39th St., Paw Paw, MI  49079.  Include a product review information sheet (download from the above link).  If you are unable to download the form email com.  Only products that are approved are featured on this site.


Omega Nibblers

Our horses LOVED these treats, and we loved that they were a treat that was good for them.  They were a good size to feed horses – whole; not too large or bulky (some treats are so large and hard that they pose a choking hazard for some horses).  They could also be easily broken into smaller pieces; this worked well when using the treat as a training aid while doing pre-riding stretching exercises with a horse.  In addition, they were good to the bottom of the bag - meaning there were no broken treats or residue in the bottom of the bag.

Manufacturer:  Omega Fields


Phone number:  (877) 663-4203

Product Description: The Omega-3 stabilized ground flax seed treat for horses – made with stabilized and freshly milled flax.Ingredients:  Ground flax seed, ground grain sorghum, hulled barley, rolled oats, black strap molasses, B-6.

Suggested Retail Price:  3.5 lb. – $23.95, 15 lb. – $65.95



Kauffman’s Calming Pellets “Winner of the Good Horsekeeping Calmer Challenge”

I used tested these pellets on my 7-year-old gelding, Joey, who is a very nervous, high strung animal.  Within three days of using the product he was still somewhat obsessive, but able to focus better and when he became distracted by something during a workout, was able to re-focus more quickly then when not on the pellets.  I particularly like that these pellets are made in a facility that is certified in the American Feed Industry Association’s Safe Feed/Certification Program.  In addition, the feeding directions are straight-forward and easy to follow.  The pellets were also highly palatable.  I have used many calming products on this horse over the years and have found the ones with B1 and Magnesium to be the most successful.  Research has shown that a lack of magnesium in a horse’s diet can affect their neuromuscular function resulting in increased hyperactivity.

Publisher’s note:  Regardless of effectiveness, calming products should never be used as a replacement of proper management and training of a high-strung, nervous horse, or in cases where a more experienced rider may be the best thing for the horse. Adequate turn-out and exercise should always be used along with a calming product.

Manufacturer:  Kauffman’s Animal Health, Inc.


Phone number:  (717) 274-3676

Product Description: Developed with three key ingredients that help with a horse’s mood and internal metabolism. Calming pellets contain optimum levels of mag, b1, & inositol, to enhance mood, mental health, metabolic and neuromuscular function. DOES NOT CONTAIN ADDED Tryptophan

Ingredients:  Magnesium, B1 (Thiamine), and Inositol

Suggested Retail Price:  $63.00 – 11.5 lbs.  ($.70//day)


Absorbine Flex + Max

We tested Flex + Max on Bay, a 24-year-old retired roping horse, who has extremely arthritic knees (large and lacking full range of motion).  For the month that he received the supplement he was extremely mobile . . .trotting and cantering freely while pastures.  He was also successfully was ridden lightly 3-4 times a week.  The added flax seed made his coat shiny and the alfalfa meal and fenugreek seed made the product very palatable.

This product is one of the best that I have ever used for mobility issues.  In addition, the packaging is user friendly – including an easy to open lid, clearly labeled ingredients and feeding instructions, and a scoop that is the right size for the required dosage.  I also appreciate the fact that the product has the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) seal.

Manufacturer:  Absorbine/W.F. Young


Phone number:  (413) 526-9999

Product Description: Pelleted mobility supplement for the support of joint and connective tissue health.

Ingredients: Flaxseed, Rice Bran, Glucosamine (10,000 mg), MSM (5,000 mg), Chrondroitin Sulfate (1,200 mg), Hyaluronic Acid (150 mg), and Boswellia.

Sizes: 5 lbs – 30-days, 10 lbs – 60 days

Guarantee:  100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Suggested Retail Price:   5 lbs – $69.25, 10 lbs – $128.45


Bubbles & Bucks Conditioning Shampoo

This shampoo was tested on three horses over the period of several weeks and was used in a spray-on attachment for washing.  The shampoo lathered well and rinsed out easily.  It required no additional conditioner to the mane or tails.

In addition to cleaning the coat well, it resulted in a shiny hair coat for several days, following the baths.  The fragrance was also very appealing and had no harsh chemical overtones to it.  One bottle could easily wash one dozen or more horses.

Manufacturer:  Pony Tail Products


Phone number:  (888) 765-TAIL

Product Description: Shampooing conditioner

Ingredients: Includes Panthenol, and carrot root and alfalfa extracts.  Is paraben free.

Suggested Retail Price:   24oz – $20.00



Fly Armor Horse Gear

We tested the Fly Armor horse gear (Mane & Tail Band – $14.99) on Joey, a 7-year-old AQHA gelding that flies just love.  We did cut the tie loop open . . as a safety measure to eliminate any possibility of the horse getting it caught on something and pulling out his mane.  Joey is left out in an attached run-in to the barn overnight as well as most of the day.  I was impressed that he kept the band on (as he usually loses his fly mask) for the duration of the testing.  And after three weeks or daily rolling, and even several baths, you could still smell the citronella.  Overall, the strip appeared to help reduce the number of flies around his front end, at any given time.  I especially like the fact that the bands are made in the USA, are re-useable, and that a replacement pack is included with your original purchase.  I will be taking the strip with me to a weekend horse show to hang in my mare’s stall, as well.  **Please note that the leg bands are not self-encompassing.  They need to be attached to a leg wrap or boot (and come with a Velcro strip for attachment).

Manufacturer:  Fly Armor, LLC


Phone number:  (855) 849-6242

Product Description: Re-usable straps (noseband, cheek, poll, browband, mane & tail, helmet, and boot bands) with replaceable citronella based inserts.

Ingredients: Essential oils including citronella

Sizes/Styles:  noseband, cheek, poll, browband, mane & tail, helmet, boot/stall/tack bands)

Suggested Retail Price:   $14.99- $29.99 (depending on style).  They come with treated insert strips for first use and an additional replacement pack.  2-Insert Replacement Pack -$6.99






Ready To Roll Leave In Conditioner

I used this leave-in conditioner on my show mare and was pleasantly surprised with the results.  To begin with, this mare has an unusually thick and wavy tail . . .so much that I often get comments on it and asked whether it’s fake (it’s not).  Normally in between shows I do not comb it but put a Panthenol based product on the tail head and end of the tail.  I don’t comb it until show day to help avoid breaking off hairs . . .   as you can image, the first time I comb it, it usually takes about 30 minutes.  When testing this product I applied it to her tail, which had not been combed for two months and I was able to get the comb through it on the first try.  AMAZING!!!  I would, and have, recommended this to anyone who shows.  It smells great and doesn’t leave any residue on your hands after application.  I do, however, prefer to use it as a spray product . . . as it is a little runny.  Just add a sprayer to the bottle, or pour into a spray bottle.

Manufacturer:  Pony Tail Products


Phone number:  (888) 765-TAIL

Product Description: A leave-in conditioner for manes and tails that helps to detangle and add shine.

Ingredients: Includes Panthenol, and oils of eucalyptus, peppermint, lemon,  Also has carrot root  and alfalfa extracts.  Is paraben and sulfate free.

Suggested Retail Price:   24oz – $18.00


Sore-No-More Arnica Cooling Clay Poultice

I used this poultice at two different times during my mare’s two-month illness.  The first was when the vet thought she had a foot abscess.  I used it instead of soaking, as my mare isn’t overly agreeable to hoof soaking.  I also used it when a secondary infection caused her elbow and upper leg to swell.  The poultice helped to draw the heat out and reduced the swelling over a period of a couple days.  It smells great, goes on easily, and brushes out easily after drying.  My mare’s leg returned to normal size and the original shoe boil she had is nearly completely gone.

Manufacturer:  Arenus/Equilite


Phone number:  (866) 791-3344

Product Description: A cooling clay poultice that can be used on the body and feet to reduce swelling and to draw out heat and abscesses.

Ingredients:  Bentonite, Witch hazel bark, Arnica, Rosemary, Lavender, Lobelia, and Sodium Borate.

Suggested Retail Price:  5 lbs. – $16.99,  23 lbs. – $61.99


Flex ‘n Fork

You will not need another fork for a very long time . . . . heavy-duty in construction (and made in the USA) this fork can handle heavy manure piles and will not break when dealing with frozen ground while picking up outdoor pens during the winter.  The flex feature allows the fork to give when it hits a hard surface.  The flex handle also offers a better grip when cleaning urine areas, or stalls with mixed bedding.  The mini-tine fork is great for cleaning outdoor pens and sifting through dirt or fine shavings.

Once I got use to the heavier weight of this fork it became my preferred manure fork.  I also like the fact that it’s made to last and made in America.

Manufacturer:  Eqi-tee Manufacturing


Phone number:  (541) 826-8301

Product Description: Industrial strength tined plastic manure forks with flex feature (where forks attaches to handle), and grip handle.  Available in standard tines or mini-tines.  Has a 13-month warranty.

Suggested Retail Price:   List price: $74.95, Website price:  $44.95


Spalding Fly Predators

Fly predators are a great addition to any barn or stable’s fly control program.  When started early in the season they will help to control the fly population throughout the summer.  Even though we live next to a creek, as well as several stables and cattle operations, our flies are very minimal.  It’s reassuring to know that no matter how hot and humid it gets, the fly predators are out there doing their job and destroying fly larvae before they even hatch out.

Manufacturer:  Spalding Laboratories


Phone number:  (888) 562-5696

Product Description:  Fly predators are tiny predators of several fly species including: house, horn, and stable flies. They help to control fly populations by eating fly pupa.  Predators arrive dormant in a sealed packet.  They generally hatch out in 5-7 days and should be distributed in fly-prone areas when there are about one-dozen predators hatched out.

Suggested Retail Price:   $18.95 for one shipment of 5,000 predators (recommended for 1-3 horses)





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